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Why did we create Freedom Preppers?

Learn more about the creator of Freedom Preppers, Author Bobby Akart

bobby akart author

Today, the founder of Freedom Preppers, Author Bobby Akart, is a nine-time Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and has achieved Amazon Top 100 Author status in five different fiction and non-fiction genres. He has provided his readers a diverse range of topics that are both informative and entertaining. His attention to detail and impeccable research has allowed him to write five bestselling books in several fiction and non-fiction genres.

But the foundation for his career in writing, and his preparedness lifestyle, began many years ago.

Compared to the many experts that are featured on, and with whom we have become associated, we are relative newbies to Prepping, just like many of you.  Our story is different from many.  Several life-changing events taught us that our love for each other was more important than climbing the corporate ladder of success and running the rat race until we die. We vowed to take whatever steps were necessary in order to spend every minute of every day together. So we made major adjustments.

We traded in wingtips and Louis Vuitton for camo and vegetable gardens.

We began Prepping in earnest in late 2011. I had a dual major in Economics and Political Science. I have a combined Law Degree with a Masters in Business. I have always been interested in politics and global economics. My wife, as former Director of Human Resources of a major communications firm, understands people, a very important resource after TEOTWAWKI.  We saw the financial collapse of 2008 coming. During 2004 - 2009, we lived at ground zero of the housing collapse, Las Vegas. Watching the direction our country was taking caused us concern about the economic viability of our country. We hunkered down financially.

Then the news became filled with the Doomsday prophecies surrounding the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012. We couldn't get enough of The History Channel or National Geographic Channel. Did we think that TEOTWAWKI would occur on that date? No, not really. But I will credit the hype over 12/21/2012 as the catalyst to make us serious Preppers. In 2012, we began putting significant time and resources to become prepared prior to "Doomsday". This was a self imposed deadline. The big day passed but we never let off the gas.

We could live anywhere in the country. But we believe that committed Preppers should move to their bug out location now, before SHTF. Now we live in Tennessee near a small community on the Upper Cumberland Plateau known as Muddy Pond. We are a hundred miles from any major metropolitan area. We have acreage, gardens and several farm critters. We are proud Preppers. But we haven't disclosed this to anyone except our immediate neighbors, who are also Preppers. We believe in OPSEC. Unlike many of our fellow Preppers, and against the advice of most, we do not believe in a Preppers Group. Honestly, we don't trust what others are capable of doing. While we are remote, there are sufficient neighbors to form a Preppers Group.  Most are farmers, homesteaders. One adjacent landowner operates a hunting club with nearly one thousand head of deer, buffalo, elk, water buffalo and mule deer. I know them all, their strengths and weaknesses. I know who will be useful and which ones have issues that could become a threat. After TEOTWAWKI, we will observe and make a determination on how to proceed.

We believe that true freedom comes with self reliance. We would prefer not to have any government involvement in our lives. We will stay out of their way if they will stay out of ours. We are prepared to go off the grid when the time comes. We are prepared to grow our own food and hunt our own meat.  If we happen to say something that might offend others, we apologize, but we can't be fired for it. We believe in the United States Constitution. We believe in Freedom.

For us, prepping is a lifestyle, but you would never know it. But most of the decisions effecting our household comes from a Preppers perspective. We never stop learning about preparedness and we never stop adjusting our Preparedness Plan. We truly enjoy what we do. We enjoy educating people and sharing our knowledge through social media and this website. We are committed Preppers.

Hence the name: Freedom Preppers

Every Prepper should ask themselves, what are you prepping for? I'm sure others may have asked you this question. Our answer is a grid down scenario resulting in economic and societal collapse. There are many threats that could cause the power grid to go down including coronal mass ejections, electromagnetic pulse bombs, nuclear war, near earth objects and cyberwarfare. If we can handle a loss of the power grid and related utilities, then we will survive.

The principles of prepping are the same for most threats that are of concern to Preppers. We follow this basic principle:

As I wake up in the morning, I imagine that the SHTF. I ask myself:

 "What prep do I regret not having in place?"  That is the prep I accomplish for the day.

This is the Prepper lifestyle that we live. It's not whackadoo. It's just responsible. I hope to share with you everything that we know. Thanks for learning along with us.