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Author Bobby Akart is an Amazon Top 50 ranked author and a five-time Amazon Top 5 ranked author for Horror (#1 November 2018), Science Fiction (#2 October 2018), Action/Adventure (#5 October, November 2018), Historical Fiction (#5 December 2015) and Religion/Spirituality (#3 August, September 2016) on Amazon Charts. He has written twenty-six #1 bestsellers on Amazon in nearly fifty fiction and non-fiction genre categories.

A self-published author with thirty-two fiction and non-fiction books available on Amazon as of December 2018, he has sold over 500,000 units via digital, audio, paperback, and jacketed hard cover formats since his debut novel in July 2015. He has been designated a KINDLE ALL STAR seven times, including TOP 50 status for September, October, and November 2018.

Bobby's most recent project, the YELLOWSTONE SERIES, is a four-book survival thriller. Book one, HELLFIRE, debuted on August 30, 2018 as the #1 Best Seller in Action and Adventure and has reached the Amazon #1 bestseller chart for Post Apocalyptic, Technothriller, Hard Science Fiction, Men's Adventure and Horror genres. INFERNO, book two became the #64 most sold book on Amazon and the #1 bestseller in five genres. FALLOUT, book three became the #50 most sold book on Amazon and the #1 bestseller in five genres. SURVIVAL, book four became the #55 most sold book on Amazon and the #1 bestseller in six genre categories.

AXIS OF EVIL, book one of the LONE STAR SERIES, published in 2018, became a #1 bestseller on its debut day in the Science Fiction Post Apocalyptic genre, as well as in Horror Suspense. Each subsequent release in the series reached #1 bestseller rankings on Amazon Charts. The series was honored with a foreword by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Chief of Staff to the Congressional EMP Commission.

His four-book PANDEMIC SERIES, published in 2017, was the #1 bestseller in Medical Thrillers and Horror genres on Amazon Charts. Each of the four books in the PANDEMIC SERIES achieved #1 rankings in Medical Thrillers and Horror categories. In 2018, the series became an accredited semester course at Midwestern State University.

BEGINNINGS, book one, was featured by PopSugar. Here's what they wrote: This thriller’s twists and turns will remind you of the weekly emotional rollercoaster of our favorite doctor drama in their article - 7 Captivating Books for Fans of Grey’s Anatomy.

Each of the six novels in the BLACKOUT SERIES, published in 2016-17, achieved #1 bestseller rankings in 5 genres including Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Teen Science Fiction, and Christian Science Fiction. This is a post apocalyptic, survival thriller series.

Bobby's first Political Thriller series, THE BOSTON BRAHMIN, published in 2015 - 2016, remains a favorite of readers who today still share the rally cry Choose Freedom. THE LOUAL NINE was voted Best Post-Apocalyptic thriller by Author’s On The Air Global Radio’s listeners. PATRIOT'S FAREWELL, A Boston Brahmin Novel, was written as a stand alone sequel in 2017.

For 2019, Bobby Akart goes back to his roots as political suspense collides with post apocalyptic thriller fiction in his upcoming release of DOOMSDAY: APOCALYPSE, scheduled for publication on New Years Eve, 2018. The four-book DOOMSDAY SERIES will release in consecutive months through March, 2019.

Bobby has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts and radio interviews, including Sirius/XM, Coast to Coast AM, Midnight in the Desert, and George Noory's Beyond Belief television show.

He is a full-time author living in Florida with his wife and two English Bulldogs.

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DOOMSDAY SERIES (Coming December, New Year’s Eve, 2018)





Axis of Evil
Beyond Borders
Lines in the Sand
Texas Strong
Fifth Column
Suicide Six


The Innocents
Level 6


36 Hours
Zero Hour
Turning Point
Shiloh Ranch
Hornet’s Nest
Devil’s Homecoming


The Loyal Nine
Cyber Attack
Martial Law
False Flag
The Mechanics
Choose Freedom
Patriot’s Farewell
Seeds of Liberty (non-fiction Companion Guide)


Cyber Warfare
EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse
Economic Collapse

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The Yellowstone Series, a four book, survival thriller, was released from August 2018 thru November 2018. Titles, all of which were Amazon #1 bestsellers, include Hellfire, Inferno, Fallout, and Survival. Formats include eBook, audio, paperback, and jacketed hard cover.


From Book 1: Yellowstone is controlled by nature.
Its beauty is breathless and tranquil.
Crystal clear streams flow.
Buffalo roam freely.
It's what's happening beneath that will bring HELLFIRE!

The Yellowstone Series, a new disaster thriller from critically acclaimed author, Bobby Akart, takes the reader on a thrill ride as a cataclysmic event of extinction level proportions ticks away like a time bomb, awaiting its moment. Millions of people visit the Yellowstone National Park every year blissfully unaware they are on top of the greatest killer man has ever known - the Yellowstone Supervolcano.
Beneath this primal allure simmers a catastrophic threat. A caldera the size of Mount Everest, created hundreds of thousand of years ago, which holds back super-heated magma, rising and falling, looking for release.
Scientists agree, the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano is long overdue. Events have been set into motion that lit the fuse of the greatest disaster mankind has ever known.
Is it going to happen? Yes.
Do we know when? Anytime, or not within our lifetime, hopefully.
But if it does ... The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano will be more than a spectacle to grab our attention. It will be the end of the world as we know it.


Volcanoes are the Earth's way of letting off steam. While most people look at volcanic eruptions as natural disasters, the fact of the matter is, without them, the Earth would explode. Deep beneath the surface of the planet, excess heat builds up, finding a way to vent. Like an overcrowded bus on a hot summer day, the overheated magma stews in its own madness, allowing pent-up frustrations to boil over, until it releases its fury - its HELLFIRE - upon the world above.

Yellowstone is the most potentially explosive, violent, deadly, active volcano on our planet and scientists agree, a catastrophic eruption is inevitable. Yellowstone is extraordinary in its potential and is quite simply, Earth's greatest killer. You've been warned.







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if a voice was screaming in your head - GET READY . . .
for a catastrophic event of epic proportions . . .
with no idea where to start . . .
or how, or when?

This is a true story, it just hasn't happened yet.

A new dystopian, post apocalyptic fiction series from best selling author Bobby Akart (The Boston Brahmin series and the Prepping for Tomorrow series).

The characters depicted in The Blackout Series are fictional. The events, however, are based upon fact.

This is not the story of preppers with stockpiles of food, weapons, and a hidden bunker. This is the story of Colton Ryman, his stay-at-home wife, Madison, and their teenage daughter, Alex. In 36 Hours, the Ryman family and the rest of the world will be thrust into the darkness of a post-apocalyptic world.

A catastrophic solar flare, an EMP--a threat from above to America's soft underbelly below--is hurtling toward our planet.

The Rymans have never heard of preppers and have no concept of what prepping entails. But they're learning, while they run out of time. Their faith will be tested, their freedom will be threatened, but their family will survive.

An EMP, naturally generated from our sun in the form of a solar flare, has happened before, and it will happen again, in only 36 Hours.

This is a story about how our sun, the planet's source of life, can also devastate our modern world. It's a story about panic, chaos, and the final straws that shattered an already thin veneer of civility. It is a warning to us all ...

never underestimate the depravity of man.

What would you do when the clock strikes zero?

Midnight is forever.



Works of fiction are frequently based upon historical fact. The Boston Brahmin series portrays a very factually based argument for why every American must understand the threat of government overreach and Cyber Attack vulnerabilities.

G. Michael Hopf, best selling author of The New World Series, said it best when he wrote, "A terrifyingly realistic, prescient new post-apocalyptic fiction series ... which can only be described as prophetic."

In the case of Book One of The Boston Brahmin Series, The Loyal Nine, and the entire Boston Brahmin Series, history repeats itself. The Loyal Nine takes its name from nine patriotic Bostonians who chose freedom over the tyrannical rule of Great Britain. As the British exerted more control over the colonists, especially in the form of taxes, anger and resentment rose to a crescendo, resulting in the War for Independence.

Author Bobby Akart has observed similar acts of rage and discontent in America today. He perceives an America which is in decline socially and economically. There are many perspectives and theories all across the political spectrum on how to save her. Methods may differ, but does it matter if the ultimate goal is achieved?

This post-apocalyptic fiction series will take the reader on a journey based in historical fact--both in its character development and the events that take place during the timeline of the series. This is a series about the societal and economic collapse of America. This type of collapse event is gradual and not sudden. The events portrayed in The Boston Brahmin series will rise to a crescendo, forcing the characters to make a decision--choose tyranny or freedom. They will be challenged physically and emotionally. As always, nothing is exactly what it seems.

Writing a series of this magnitude takes a considerable amount of time and research. It also asks the reader to become invested in the journey of the characters. Creating a book series about societal and economic collapse is a marathon, not a sprint. Read with us. Learn with us. Get involved in the backstory and details of the novels by frequently visiting our fan-dedicated website I encourage you to interact with us on social media. I truly enjoy conversing with my readers--all of whom I consider friends.

If you have not had the opportunity to read Seeds of Liberty, a #1 best seller in the Politics, Social Sciences category and the Modern History category. Seeds of Liberty is a nonfiction companion guide to The Boston Brahmin series, which provides both a sociological analysis and a complete historical perspective of America's penchant for rebellion.

I hope you enjoy this epic, history-rich thriller series. Torn from the headlines, The Boston Brahmin series presents a nation plunged into chaos by enemies "foreign and domestic." Only The Loyal Nine, a patriotic group of descendants of our Founding Fathers, can navigate the collapse and restore the American republic.

As the country slowly descends into economic and societal despair, America is one bad news story away from collapse. Immerse yourself in The Boston Brahmin series and consider the real world events surrounding us today. I think you'll find fiction can become reality.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!



 bobby akart prepping for tomorrow series

Freedom Preppers by Bobby Akart came together in 2011 to share research with others on the subject of prepping. Originally designed as an informational website, quickly grew in prominence as its articles on preparedness were shared around the web.

The goal of the Prepping for Tomorrow series is twofold. First, provide a detailed analysis of the threats we face as Americans. Second, give new and seasoned preppers alike the opportunity to enhance their preparedness plan with this knowledge.

All empires collapse eventually, and America is no exception. Their reign ends when they are defeated by a larger, and more powerful enemy, or when their financing runs out.
No bombs. No bullets. No swordfights. Just a few keystrokes on the computer. And we're done.
EMP: A threat from above to America's soft underbelly below. The clock is ticking.