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The Day After SHTF

It was just another day, breakfast, work, kids soccer practice ....

Consider your own lives. How many of you are on auto-pilot? We all settle into routines, that is human nature. We are wired to make certain assumptions about our day to day life. To do otherwise would be overwhelming to our brains.

Then ... the collapse event occurs ... TEOTWAWKI - SHTF - DOOMSDAY - ARMAGEDDON ... whatever label you choose. As preppers we face many threats. Pick your poison.

Preppers recognize that our world is unstable and subject to disasters, both natural and man-made. We prepare for a number of different collapse events, most of which result in societal collapse.  Recent events surrounding grand jury decisions in Ferguson, MO and New York remind us that the American psyche is becoming more and more polarized resulting in potential for large scale unrest.

Once the SHTF, what happens next?  I don't mean weeks after. I mean what happens the day after the SHTF?  What should you be concerned with in those initial hours and days after you realize life as you know it has changed, forever?



General Threats

Day After SHTF

Economic Collapse




Natural Disaster



Near Earth Objects

Nuclear War

Zombie Apocalypse


First and foremost, assess your situation as it relates to the collapse event.  The most difficult question you will ask yourself is:


day after shtf

The End Of The World As We Know It. It DOES NOT MEAN the end of the world. This is why we prep.

We believe TEOTWAWKI means a catastrophic collapse event. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters are SHTF events which can be "managed" as opposed to a total collapse event such as an electromagnetic pulse attack or a devastating coronal mass ejection. For more on the various collapse events of concern to preppers, read What is Your TEOTWAWKI?

Once the threat level has been assessed as a result of the collapse event, get to steppin'. If you recognize any immediate shortcomings in your preparedness plan that come to mind, try to address it immediately. You will have a brief period of opportunity to gather additional prepper supplies while the sheeple stare at the TV in wonder and amazement. Contact other members of your prepper group. You should all have an action plan in place.

Next, gather facts about the collapse event. Do you have access to information? What adjustments need to be made. Many believe that societal breakdown won't occur for at least 72 hours. Depending upon where you live, I agree. But, if you are in an urban area, I suspect that 24 hours is more likely. Use Ferguson, MO as exhibit "A".

Practice situational awareness. Make observations of the people around you. Has anything changed in your vicinity that require immediate security measures to be put into effect. Sadly, the biggest threat we will face after the collapse event will be our fellow man.  You must immediately enter into a survival mindset which requires 24/7 security and defensive positions. Remember:

If you can't defend it, it isn't yours.

What about our government, you ask? Surely they will be prepared for what may occur.  This may be true in part, but ...



The details of how our government is preparing for martial law and its ultimate goal of control over all citizens is well documented. But I urge you to take advantage of this FREE PDF download entitled:

U.S. Army ATP 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances

You may choose to believe that the methods outlined in this recent release by the US Army would never happen in the United States. However, this manual was prepared in painstaking detail for a reason. Just know this:

Our government is preparing for collapse, and not in a nice way.

Most importantly, by addressing these day after SHTF scenarios now will make for a smoother transition when the day after comes. In summary:

1. Assess the threat level.

2. Act quickly to enhance your preps.

3. Gather your prepper group.

4. Implement defensive measures.

5. Beware your fellow man.

Then, live long and prosper fellow preppers!

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