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Prepper Fiction

What I learned from my first experience with fiction for preppers was that a well written novel can help the reader become prepared for TEOTWAWKI. The authors that we suggest below are the leaders in their field. Their novels contain vast quantities of survival and prepping information. Above all, they are also entertaining.

Prepper fiction is about real people. An author of fiction writes from what he or she knows. They are preppers and survivalists too. They relate their life experiences and passions in their work. Some are ex-military while others, like us, are just damned good researchers. They take pride in their knowledge of prepping and wanted to share that knowledge with you, fellow preppers, in the form of prepper fiction. Their work is also persuasive to the non-prepper. Sometimes it is difficult to articulate our reasons for prepping. The threats we face are many. To some, these threats seem far-fetched. The ones that we love ... spouses, family, friends ... may not be convinced. Most, if not all, of the prepper books that are written include characters who are not onboard with prepping. Some see the light, some perish as a result. Prepper fiction paints a picture of life after TEOTWAWKI. Preppers and non-preppers alike will "get the picture" as a result.

As you read, immerse yourself in the shoes of the characters. Study their thought processes, their rationale. Would you make the decisions they make? How would you react if placed in their situation? Please enjoy the author pages listed below and support the authors by purchasing their books through us.


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