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Preppers Rule of Threes


You will often hear preppers and survivalists talk about the "Rule of Three's".  Let's take a look at what the preppers and survivalists are talking about and see why it is so critical to survival after TEOTWAWKI.  Under extreme conditions, you can only live:

Three Minutes without Oxygen

Three Hours without Shelter

Three Days without Water

Three Weeks without Food



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That said, it is important to get your priorities straight when placed in a disaster, survival situation.

The funny, and tragic, thing about wilderness survival is so often people get hung up on worrying about food and don't realize that without shelter they will not last the night if it is too cold.

So if you are lost in the woods, food is about the last thing you should be worried about. Yet so many times, guys who are city-dwellers or 'macho types' will decide that they will sharpen a stick or, like Rambo, attach their knife to a long staff and go "hunting" instead of setting out to make a shelter.




How does this apply to city dwellers? Well, if you are preparing for a power outage, then preserving the contents of your refrigerator may not be as big of a priority as ensuring that the family can stay warm in sub-zero nights.

Survivalists focus on the importance of shelter. There are many factors in establishing your survival shelter. However, I am confident that committed Preppers will have all of these issues covered before the SHTF.